Get Face to Face with Triangles

Hi everybody!  We are continuing with the Simple Shapes activity plan and today is all about triangles.  I made each triangle out of foam because I figured they would be eaten and squished – which they were.  Excuse my drawings…art was never my best subject!

Mondays and Wednesdays I choose one activity we did today from the Clever Clovers curriculum and share our experiences (starring my twin babies)

 This week’s Theme: Basic Shapes

Activity Description Triangle Faces: Make some faces out of triangle shapes (instead of the typical circle).  Draw on faces showing different basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, silly).  Hold up the triangle and make the face also.  Encourage your baby to mimic.

This Activity’s Main Area of  Development: Emotional

Specific Skill: Beginning to identify different feelings

O&M’s Ages (at the time of posting this): 18 months

1. As an introduction we reviewed the four shapes and sang one of the songs from the Clever Clovers activity plan.

2. Next, I held up each individual triangle, named the emotion and made an exaggerated facial expression to match.

I'm calling these emotricons..get it?

I’m calling these “emotricons”..get it?

3. Finally, one at a time, I asked them to mimic the facial expression I was making.  We had so much fun doing this that I couldn’t even get good pictures of them because we were all giggling so hard.  (They were giggling at the faces they were making, and I was giggling at them giggling).



O's angry face (the wagging finger means "no!")

O’s angry face -the wagging finger means “no!”












M's happy face

M’s happy face












O's silly face!

O’s silly face!












O doing a sad face, M laughing at her

O doing a sad face, M laughing at her











This activity also afforded us the opportunity to review vocabulary and concepts from three other Clever Clovers activity plans (Colours, Parts of the Face and Counting).  This idea of bringing language/concepts forward as they are learned are integral to the curriculum and to language learning. – (See: Bringing Language Forward, pg.4 of the Clever Clovers Curriculum Guide)

Extended Learning:

They were really enjoying the activity and were pretty focused so I took the opportunity to turn this into a matching activity (I made two of each “emotricon”).  They performed it very well the first time around and then lost interest as soon as I pulled out the video camera…..oh well!

Basically what I did was give them all four “emotricons”.  Then I would place one on the table and ask them to find the match, (Ex. “Can you find another happy triangle like this one?) until they were all matched up.

Matched in pairs

Matched in pairs


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  1. Love these little goofballs! This is another activity where it’s really great to have two babies because you can bring a social/emotional piece into this and practice responding to different emotions. So much fun!

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