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We all know the physical and health benefits of encouraging our toddlers to be active! But did you know that movement is actually a key factor in a toddler’s overall development?  Through movement, toddlers develop good thinking and communication skills by exploring and interacting with their world.  This also builds self-confidence because children feel competent when they use their bodies to express something and solve problems.  Most importantly, your baby develops a close bond with you through movement because your baby’s desire to be close to and connect with you is what motivates him/her to move.  So get moving!


Mondays and Wednesdays I choose one activity we did today from the Reaching Roses curriculum and share our experiences (starring my twin babies)

 This week’s Theme: Vegetables

Activity DescriptionBunny Hop: Bunnies love to eat carrots.  Place some carrots (real or pretend) in the open around your home or garden.  Pretend to be a hopping bunny going to fetch the carrots.

This Activity’s Main Area of  Development: Gross Motor

Specific Skill: Hopping

O&M’s Ages (at the time of posting this): 20 months + 3 weeks

1. To warm up, we read a book about rabbits who love to eat carrots.  We had some bunny ears in our dress up box so we put them on and talked about how bunnies move (hopping).  Then we sang one of our favourite songs as of late ‘Sleeping Bunnies’:



2. Next I put toy carrots around their play area and gave them each a bucket.  I demonstrated how to hop like a bunny to get the carrots.  I knew they would want to run so I reminded them that bunnies don’t run or walk, they hop (for simplicity).  I actually demonstrated running to get the carrots and said, “Noooooo, that’s not how bunnies move!”, then I did the same for walking.  Lastly, I hopped to get the carrots (I was much more out of breath than I’d like to admit!), then I said, “Yay!  Well done Mommy, that is how bunnies move!  They hop!”.

3.  Time to get hopping!














….little bunnies resting & eating the carrots they found….
(next time I’ll use real carrot sticks or baby carrots)


2 thoughts on “Hop to It!

  1. My little one still loves this game at 2 and a half! We substitute bunnies for galloping horses, snapping crocodiles, stomping elephants, etc.

    • I try to do that with them too but they just hop everywhere! We’re going to start learning about different animals soon, perhaps then they’ll be willing to do some other movements to this song!

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