Walk a Brown Mile

We’re back!  Thanks for being patient with us during our hiatus!  It’s a shame we had to take one because we have done so many wonderful activities from the Reaching Roses curriculum that I wanted to share – but such is life, I suppose!  This week we are learning about colours again.  The ‘Colours’ activity plan from the Clever Clovers curriculum focused on blue, red, yellow and green.  This time we are using the ‘More Colours’ activity plan from Reaching Roses; we are learning about pink, brown, orange and purple!  Today our focus is on the colour brown.


Mondays and Wednesdays I choose one activity we did today from the Reaching Roses curriculum and share our experiences (starring my twin babies)

 This week’s Theme: More Colours

Activity DescriptionNature Walk: Go for a walk in nature and have your baby collect things that are brown.  Bring them home to share with others or use in other activities.

This Activity’s Main Area of  Development: Social Learning

Specific Skill: Awareness of nature

O&M’s Ages (at the time of posting this): 23 months + 3 weeks

This is a pretty straight-forward activity that doesn’t need a lot of explaining.  Here are a few suggestions I do have though:

  1. Try not to be afraid to let your babies explore and touch things; that’s how they learn!  – When you see them touching something, ask them about it and comment on it (what is so interesting about this object that drew them to it?).  My girls still have a tendency to put things in their mouths when exploring so it is important that I stay close by when doing activities like this.

    O feels the brown tree bark

    O feels the brown tree bark

  2. Let your babies ‘lead’ the walk as much as possible.  – If they want to stop, stop.  If they want to walk in a certain direction, go that way.  Don’t rush them.

    Our leads the way

    O leads the way

  3. Bring a bag to collect items of interest. – This is really great because you can do a lot of follow-up activities with the things they find.  I allow most items in the bag, and if it’s not appropriate I don’t say “No”, I say something like, “Wow!  That is a really interesting giant stick you have found.  I can see why you want to bring it home, but it’s too big to fit in this bag, so I think we’ll have to leave it here.  Do you want to look at it for a while?  Do you want me to take a picture of it so we can look at it later?”

    Daddy carries a milk bag to collect things in

    Daddy carries a milk bag to collect things in

  4. Elaborate, elaborate, elaborate! – A toddler’s vocabulary, as I’m sure you have noticed, expands at a very rapid rate.  If your baby shows you something, talk about it – a lot!  For example, “Oh, cool!  You found some brown mud.  Do you know how this brown mud was made?  The rain fell from the clouds in the sky and made the dirt all wet.  Now the trees and flowers can drink the water from the ground.  Did you know that trees drink water too?”  – Talking this way helps to encourage a wider vocabulary and builds comprehension of words and concepts.  My girls often repeat what I said or ask questions about what I said which leads to even more conversation.

    "Brown mud!", says M

    “Brown mud!”, says O

When we arrived at the nature trail, we explained to the babies that on today’s nature walk, we were going to try to find things that are brown.  This doesn’t mean that we would ignore other interesting parts of our walk, just that we would make an extra effort to point out brown things and remind our babies to look for brown things.

Here’s what transpired!

M was all about the brown leaves….


Other brown things we found…

Some of our favourite pics of they day..

The ladies!

The ladies!

We love Daddy!

We love Daddy!










O, deep in contemplation

O, deep in contemplation


This post was based on an activity included in the Reaching Roses curriculum.  Click here to learn more!

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