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Today’s Question:

When are you going to start blogging again?

CTM blog readers, World Wide


Hello everybody!

Thank you for all of your emails and thank you for waiting for us – we appreciate your patience! We have some special things to share with you!


#1 – 

To celebrate our one year anniversary we are offering all of our development programs at 20% off.   Use the code: CTM20 at check-out and bag yourself a bargain!! This offer will be available through March 29, 2015.

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#2 – Reaching Roses (18-24 months) is now available for purchase!!

Reaching Roses Large Cover Comprehensive Reaching Roses Part One Title Reaching Roses Part Two Title










Sometimes it’s difficult to ‘toot your own horn’ but here are some great things about our development programs:

Benefits to Children

  • The programs are stimulating and FUN!
  • Encourages your baby to meet specific developmental milestones
  • Helps your baby to develop communication and literacy skills
  • Nurtures your baby’s confidence and self-awareness
  • Builds a strong bond with parents and caregivers

Benefits to Parents

  • Save time and energy! – You won’t need to spend time researching what your baby should be learning and how to teach it to your baby – It’s all been done for you!
  • Save your sanity! – It can be difficult to entertain your baby/toddler for an entire day.  You’ll never be left thinking, “What should we do now?”
  • You and your children will be able to communicate more easily and effectively together which helps alleviate many parental challenges such as tantrums, following instructions, eating, potty training & behaviour issues
  • Have fun and make lasting memories with your baby

#3 – We will begin blogging using our third curriculum, Leaping Lilies (24-30 months)!

Leaping Lilies is just as cohesive and holistic as the previous two programs, plus now each activity plan includes a specific Reggio Emilia provocation activity (If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry, I’ll explain it soon!).  Click here for a review of The Crystal Teaching Method Philosophy.

Since our program is changing, so is the format of our blog!  Our blog runs on a two week schedule and starting Monday, it will look like this:

Monday #1 – Reggio provocation

Wednesday #1 – Activity from the current activity plan

Friday #1 – Q&A or Interesting information

Monday # 2 – Activity from the current activity plan

Wednesday #2 – Activity from the current activity plan

Friday #2 – The culminating activity to end the current activity plan


We are really looking forward to sharing with you again…until then,



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