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Before I begin I would like to explain some changes I am making to the blog.  I have decided to make these changes so as not to inundate my readers (you), with too many emails and postings & also to spread out my workload a little bit.

Until now, the blog schedule has been:

  • Monday & Wednesday – Blog about using The Crystal Teaching Method Curricula with my babies.
  • Tuesdays – Hot Topics & Interesting Info
  • Thursdays – Questions and Answers
  • Every other Friday – Blog about our final project for the current activity plan

The following changes will be made:

  • Monday & Wednesday – The same as before
  • Fridays – Posts will alternate between our final project and  Hot Topics & Interesting Info or Q&A

Thank you for your patience!  Without further ado here is today’s post:

On alternating Fridays I blog about parent/teacher hot topics & interesting info or Q&A

 Today’s Question:

Dear Crystal: I have a question about the “skills” section for each activity in Clever Clovers. For example, I am currently using the Hands & Feet activity plan and under Thursday’s music activity, the skill is to “enjoy different types of music”. There are other developmental skills that are being exercised through dancing around such as balance, coordination, etc. Why are these skills not incorporated too?

Ellina, Illinois

Thank you very much for your question Ellina.  It is a valid point.  You are absolutely correct to note that each activity will allow practice and learning for more than one skill!  While it is important to be aware of ALL the skills being learned, practiced, observed or displayed by your baby in any activity, there is only one skill listed on the activity plan so that it can be the focus or main objective to the task – this is helpful because the activity is designed to lend itself to a particular area of development.  That all sounds a bit wordy so I will try to clarify using the example you provided.

The activity you noted is a Social Learning activity and the description is “Cultural Music: Play music from different cultures and languages around the world. Dance together. Encourage a lot of finger/toe wiggling, hand/feet tapping, lifting, etc.”   The Skill: Enjoying different types of music.

Many skills are practiced here (as you mentioned, gross motor skills) and there are others too; cognitive & creative for example.  As parents/caregivers/teachers, we don’t want to ignore those skills but since our main objective (in this example) is to offer an opportunity for social development, that is the skill we would like to focus on and that is why there is only one skill listed under each activity.

Another tid-bit I would like to add is to remember to use the language focus as you are doing the activity.  Remember Clever Clovers is a curriculum founded in language and literacy development so every single activity affords you the opportunity to present the language focus.  This doesn’t mean that while you are dancing to cultural music, you are saying “where are your feet? Show me your feet.  Can you say feet?” (those are questions to ask in a purely language development activity).  It means that while you are enjoying cultural music, you are saying things like “ Do you like this Italian song? It makes me want to wiggle my fingers like this.”, for example.  

For further clarification, please consult the “Specific Skills + Language Component” section of the curriculum guide (Page 4 of your curriculum documents).

I hope this helps!


P.S. Here is a link to the most FAQ

An old picture for the sake of cuteness (since no babies appeared in today's post)
An old picture for the sake of cuteness (since no babies appeared in today’s post)





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