About This Curriculum

A few noteworthy things about this curriculum…….

Why did I make a curriculum?

I’m glad you asked!  A few reasons really:

  1. As my babies’ first birthday was approaching, it was becoming  increasingly more difficult for me to randomly come up with new ideas about how to interact with them.  I was getting sooooooo tired of playing peek-a-boo, paddy-cake and singing the same five nursery rhymes.  Sound familiar?
  2. I couldn’t turn the teacher-me off and was planning to home-school them anyway so I wanted to start as soon as possible.
  3. I have a unique teaching philosophy that I have had great success with so I wanted to make my own curriculum based on this philosophy.

Why blog about the curriculum?

Another good question!  The short answer is: I have yet to find anything else out there like the curriculum I have created and I want to help other parents, caregivers and educators by sharing it.

The longer answer is here:

  • In the process of creating the Clever Clovers© curriculum, I searched the internet to learn more about early years cognitive development, and to see in general, what was out there to help me.  What I found was that there is a lot of information and a lot of creative ideas BUT:
      1. You need to spend a lot of time searching through different websites and then amalgamate all the information to get the whole picture.
      2. Most activities you find fall under the term “toddler or Pre-K”.  Though a 12 month old is considered a toddler, so is a 3 year old – imagine the differences between the two!  There is very little out there that is truly suitable for babies and young toddlers.  These activities and curricula are fun & they are designed to meet precise age-specific developmental milestones.
      3. Activities you can find that are suitable for babies and young toddlers are stand-alone activities.  There is not much (that I was able to find) in the way of whole teaching.
  • Wherever I take my babies, people always comment on how impressed they are with what they are able to understand and do.  My babies are not unique in terms of their cognitive development.  The reason they are so capable is because this curriculum addresses all areas of child development, using language and literacy as the foundation.   After receiving so much praise, it occurred to me that this is something other people could really benefit from.  With a bit of guidance and a solid curriculum, anybody can do the same with the baby they care for.

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