Reaching Roses

Reaching Roses© Curriculum Overview

General Overview

Reaching Roses is an integrated language/literacy development program for young toddlers.  It is designed to provide parents and caregivers a focused guide to encourage the development of ALL aspects of child development (Communication, Creativity, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Emotional, Social and Thinking & Inquiry Skills).  It is a play-based curriculum whose foundation is rooted in a focused language component.  Weekly plans are presented in age appropriate themes and center on a specific vocabulary.

Reaching Roses is the second curriculum in the Crystal Teaching Method development program (following Clever Clovers).   However, Clever Clovers is not a prerequisite for Reaching Roses so it is not necessary to have completed the Clever Clovers curriculum in order to use the Reaching Roses curriculum.

Those who are familiar with Clever Clovers will continue to enjoy the simple-to-follow activity plans, teaching philosophy and general structure to the program.  You will also notice some new elements that were added to meet the needs and capabilities of a developing toddler.  Click here to see a sample activity plan:  UNDER CONSTRUCTION

What’s New?  Differences between Reaching Roses and Clever Clovers include:

  1. Most of the specific skill set (see below)
  2. Activity plans are grouped under thematic categories to encourage more reinforcement of concepts and vocabulary (it is not necessary to use the activity plans in any specific order; if you prefer, you can mix them up).
  3. It is a longer curriculum (6 months vs. 3 months), representing the developmental age range as is laid out by Nipissing District Developmental Screen.
  4. The addition of secondary vocabulary to the weekly lesson plans.  The primary vocabulary is still typically nouns however, to accommodate the exponential growth of a toddler’s vocabulary; secondary vocabulary has been added (usually consisting of two verbs and two adjectives OR two prepositions).

Age Specifications

Reaching Roses is specifically tailored for toddlers between the ages of 18-24 months.  However, as we all know, babies at this age develop constantly and at different paces therefore this curriculum will also be relevant to babies/toddlers on the outskirts of this age range.   Please see the list of Specific Skills (below) to see if this is a good fit for your baby.


The full Reaching Roses program is a 6 month program which includes 12 themed activity plans (recommended 2 weeks per theme).  The themes can be taught in any order, in any season. However, they are organized under 4 main categories:



  • Meal Time
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits


  • Pets
  • Ocean Animals
  • African Animals


  • The Sky
  • Bugs
  • Nature


  • Transportation
  • More Colours
  • Clothing


Reaching Roses can also be purchased in halves.  The curriculum has been split into two half-programs for those who desire only a 3 month program.  Note that both halves are suitable for the full age range 18-24 months, and IT IS NOT THE CASE that Part One is for 18-21 months and Part Two is for 21-24 months.  Part One contains the thematic categories FOOD & MISCELLANY while Part Two contains the thematic categories ANIMALS & THE GREAT OUTDOORS.


List of Specific Skills

Each day of the week (Monday-Thursday) offers 7 different activities (one activity for each area of development). Friday is a time to repeat activities and to complete a culminating task (a larger, more in depth activity) – that’s 29 activities per week!

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