About Me

Welcome to The Crystal Teaching Method!  Thanks for stopping by!


This is the ONLY picture we have of all 4 of us looking at the camera with open eyes and nobody complaining…….


This is my family.  Me (Crystal), My hubby (Mr. Y) and our daughters (O & M).  The four of us enjoy eating meals together, playing and, well, there is a whole lot of dancin’ around these parts!  We currently live in Ontario, Canada – where I am from- but we have lived in a few other places too!  (Northern California, Seoul & Chicago)


Before becoming a wife and mother, I pursued my passion of teaching (starting somewhere around the age of 5) by assisting teachers, tutoring, volunteering, being a camp counsellor,  and finally by getting an education degree.  I am a certified High School French and Humanities Teacher in Ontario however, through my travels, I have taught approximately 3/4 of all the things under the sun to students aged 3 through 18.  The last job I had was as the Head English Teacher in a department of 8 teachers at a private kindergarten school in South Korea; perhaps of all the teaching positions I have held, this is my most treasured.  I love teaching – any subject, to anyone – but there’s something a little bit special about teaching the little ones with those sparkly eyes!

Long Term Goals

My long term goal is to open a kindergarten school using The Crystal Teaching Methodology and curricula I have designed.  I have so many wonderful plans for this (but I won’t ask you to read about them now).  I know it will be of benefit to so many!


I invite you to discover the joy of teaching.