What’s This Blog All About?

This blog is created for three reasons:

  1. To provide caregivers ideas of what they can do with their babies!  There’s only so many times you can play Paddy-Cake or sing The Itsy-Bitsy Spider – am I right?!  The activities are fun and are directed at age-specific developmental milestones. (All areas of baby development are addressed)
  2. To create a forum of discussion and support for teachers and parents who educate children
  3. To help others implement The Crystal Teaching Method Curricula with confidence

This blog runs on a two week cycle; here are the things I blog about:

Monday #1 – Activity from the current activity plan

Wednesday #1 – Activity from the current activity plan

Friday #1 – Q&A or Interesting information

Monday # 2 – Activity from the current activity plan

Wednesday #2 – Reggio provocation

Friday #2 – The culminating activity to end the current activity plan


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