Clever Clovers

Clever Clovers© Curriculum Overview

General Overview

Clever Clovers© is an integrated language/literacy development program for babies and young toddlers.  It is designed to provide parents and caregivers a focused guide to encourage the development of ALL aspects of child development (Communication, Creativity, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Emotional, Social and Thinking & Inquiry Skills).  It is a play-based curriculum whose foundation is rooted in a focused language component.  Weekly plans are presented in age appropriate themes and center on a specific vocabulary.  Click here to see a sample activity plan: Primary Colours (+1) Clever Clovers Lesson Plan

Age Specifications

Clever Clovers© is specifically tailored for babies/toddlers between the ages of 15-18 months.  However, as we all know, babies at this age develop constantly and at different paces therefore this curriculum will also be relevant to babies starting at 12 months through to 21 months.   Please see the Specific Skills section below to decide if it is a good fit for your baby.


This program is a 3 month program which includes 6 themed activity plans (recommended 2 weeks per theme).  The themes can be taught in any order, in any season.

  • Hands & Feet
  • My Face!
  • Farm Animals
  • Counting
  • Primary Colours (+1)
  • Basic Shapes

List of Specific Skills

Each day of the week (Monday-Thursday) offers 7 different activities (one activity for each area of development). Friday is a time to repeat activities and to complete a culminating task (a larger, more in depth activity) – that’s 29 activities per week!

Area of Development

Icon on Lesson Plans

Specific Skills Addressed in Clever Clovers

Speech/Language/Literacy Development

 hello icon Connecting language to real life objects, pictures, motions and symbols, mimic sounds or words, experimenting with vocals, developing speech, forming short sentences (2 words)


 Creativity Icon Stacking blocks, spatial relations, creating form and shape, recreate known images, developing awareness of musical flow, awareness of tempo, creating soft and loud sounds, fostering creativity, experimenting with colour,  filling in with colour, discovering the effects of colour, exploring texture in artwork, dramatic play

Fine Motor Skills

 fine motor icon Building finger and hand strength,  hand-eye coordination, using both hands together to perform a task, manipulate small objects, practicing thumb and forefinger grasp,  using index finger with purpose (push a button, touch and feel books, open flaps in books), turn pages in a book, putting pegs into holes, using hands with precision, using tongs, pouring, lacing

Gross Motor Skills

 gross motor icon Throwing, catching, rolling and kicking a ball, placing objects in a container,  lift and flip containers to dump, arm movements , balance and coordination, scooting, crawling, walking, running, climbing, jumping, moving over or under or around obstacles, stomping, stretching, squatting, standing, moving at different speeds, reaching up, turning, rolling

Emotional Learning

 emotional icon Promoting feelings of safety and security, self-awareness, beginning to identify different feelings and emotions, connecting emotion to music and sounds, sharing, showing affection, modelling positive behaviours, being nurturing, kind vs. unkind behaviours, helping at home, making connections between self and others, fostering good self-esteem, developing independence, exploring preferences, developing responsibility

Social Learning

 social learning icon Playing with others, cooperation, sharing, interacting with new children, adults and social settings, reinforcing everyday social interactions, helping others, caring for others in your community, building familiarity within your community, exploring different environments, responding to uncertain/unusual/new situations, enjoying different cultures, encouraging respect for all people, appreciation for the planet, showing children that they are part of a larger network of love and relationships

Thinking and Inquiry Skills

 thinking and inquerry icon Matching, sorting,  cause and effect, finding hidden objects, problem solving, exploring differences in objects, making decisions, focused attention, increasing awareness, developing listening skills and following instructions, using memory, experimentation and discovery, developing imagination










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